Personalized Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies

You can get an exact replacement of your jacket’s or any garment zipper or zipping slider at Zipper Shipper. They offer personalized items to ensure that their clients get exactly what they need when they visit their online stores. In addition, their metal, nylon and plastic zippers are customizable. Learn more about Zipper Shopper online wholesale shop for zippers at

Who can shop at Zipper Shipper?

If you are planning to start a clothing line, we offer deals for bulk sewing supplies and also ensure that your needs are met. It is also good to point out that Upholstery zipper, purse zippers and those looking for fashionable zippers for their fashion clothing can get them from Zipper Shopper.

There is no minimum order. As such, households looking for replacement separating zippers, buttons or any other sewing accessory will still get it from here. The prices are also reasonable and there is no discrimination against any client.

You can get any of the following finish options for your customized brass or silver buttons.

  • Shiny polished gold
  • Shiny polished silver
  • Satin brushed gold

Take time to learn more about engraved monogrammed buttons that are available to you online at their website. Here you will also get a chance to sample the finished buttons and make your choice. In addition, you will learn more about lettering, configuration, and measurements suitable for the particular garment especially the blazers. Better still, in the US, shipping is made free of charge and this helps to bring down the cost of production.